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Introducing the Kickstarter Indie Bundle: 9 games, one campaign!

Metagolf is proud to participate to the first Kickstarter Indie Bundle.
We grouped 9 different games from all over the world on a single Kickstarter Campaign to offer you the best deal ever.

What it’s all about ?

Kickstarter is a crowfunding website where people can give as much as they want to help independents to create original and very unique projects while receiving rewards. :-)

We have tons of great gifts for everyone, including of course the full version of our 9 games in the making. Just have a look at our page to learn more about each games. Even the smallest donation will be rewarded.

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And what about Metagolf… ?

In addition to support 9 others developers, your will help me to improve a few in-game graphics by hiring a talented artist. Metagolf is nearly complete and already very playable. The game include 2 complete set of courses, that’s about 30 levels, as well as the level editor.

  • Genre: Platform game
  • Sub-genre: Mini-Golf
  • Platform: Windows / Mac Os / Linux
  • Screenshots & videos
  • Main idea: When a player touch the golf ball it takes the color of his team. Player can walk with the ball since only counts the number of shooting. You win the game if a golf ball of your color reach the hole/target.
  • Price: At least 4$ while in Beta – 8$ in final version.
  • Release date: ~ September 2012
  • Where to buy: Here (download Beta: There)
  • Social Network: Facebook, Twitter,
  • Unique features:
    • Real Physics
    • Puzzles, Obstacles & Mazes
    • Real time gameplay – No turn-based or boring rules
    • Single player & Local Multiplayer
    • Support xBox 360 controllers, joypad, analogic joystick, mouse & keyboard
    • Interactive environment – Destructible scenery, water, falling platforms, gravity fields, teleporter, wind, conveyor-belt, creatures,…
    • Level Editor – Allow you to customize graphics, sounds, physics and share everything
    • 7 types of Golf ball – Normal, Bouncy, Sticky, Death, Cubic, Rugby, Hedgehog
    • A 18 holes championship and 12 arenas courses in the final version.
    • Feature 22 quality soundtracks
    • Replay-value – Many combinations of settings available for each level
    • Languages – English & French
  • What’s missing:
    • Better looking players, Arts and maybe more if the Kickstarter is a success :-)

Who create Metagolf ?

Image of ARm42 Logo

Michaël Lievens
It is now more than 3 years that I’m working on this project alone with my own savings.
I’m currently jobless but pursue a consuming desire for a career in video games. I’m available all over the world !

The idea behind Metagolf was to build a modern in-house game engine allowing me to produce more ambitious and great games in the future. Now that the project is getting mature, I hope you will welcome this first title and enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it after all these years.
I also would like to thanks anyone on the Internet who recently made a nice review or video preview of Metagolf

The final word

I am looking for a publisher or anything that could help me in my adventure so don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Thank you !