Metagolf – Public Beta 4

March - 27 - 2012
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Metagolf is available on digital distribution platforms !

We are proud to announce you that the Public Beta of Metagolf has reached v0.4 :-)

With this new release we have reached an important milestone since Metagolf is now available on Desura and Indievania.

To celebrate this and for a limited time only we offer a discounted price of 68% on the official download page as well as on these distribution platforms.

Alphafunding ?

Principles of Desura Alphafunding

It’s a real pleasure and a great opportunity to be part of the Desura Alphafunding program :D

The idea behind this program is supporting kick-ass upcoming games by crowdfunding their release, and get instant access to rewards in the form of frequent updates.

We recommend you to take a tour on their website for other quality indies games.

Indievania Distribution Site

Also do not forget to give a browse to Indievania games collection !

Indievania is an online indie game marketplace for independent developers to sell their games directly to players, no DRM client required, where 100% of the cost of the game goes to the developer.

Indievania Logo - Metagolf

What is new on this Beta ?

Here’s the changelog:

  • Added 6 New Levels.
  • Added 5 New Musics.
  • Added 2 New Golfball Type, Rugby Ball and Cubic Ball.
  • Added Textured Polygon edges.
  • Added Championship Courses and submenu.
  • Added Unlocking level system with color code.
  • Added F1 Respawn Ball to last checkpoint in Single Player mode.
  • Added Compass system.
  • Added Big Swing effect.
  • Changed A few tiles and textures.
  • Changed Improved loading time.
  • Changed Loading Screen.
  • Changed Improved Interface.
  • Changed Default folder is now in users folder.
  • Changed Default folder is now in users folder.
  • Changed Documentation and spelling (thanks Patrick David @MrHyeron).
  • Fixed Destructible platforms by players.
  • Fixed Loading level error.
  • Fixed Unicode characters bug.
  • Fixed Loading JPG or BMP bug.
  • Fixed Zoom edition bug.
  • Fixed F11 Screenshot transparency.
  • Fixed Underscore is now allowed in editbox.

Want to learn more about the creator of Metagolf ?

Last but not least Adam Ames from True PC Gaming conducted an Interview of the sole developper behind Metagolf.