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On the road again!

Metagolf reached the 0.2.6 Beta version :-) .
I now inform you that I’m back to business after my last year successful project called: “Voyage Austral“.

It has been a delightful year for your humble Indie Game Developer. Full of adventures and exciting scenarios that I hope to include into many of my future projects.

As always, here is a list of the best improvement since the last version :

  • Particles engine performance improved by 200% !
  • Game and Level loading speed increased by 2.
  • Better Finite State Machine for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Object highlight as well as many addons to the built-in level editor.
  • New Intel Mac support, Power PC support discontinued.
  • New Tutorial level, easier and more concise.
  • A few bugs fix.

I am currently revamping every existing levels to use the full set of objects created last year (around 40 toys to play with now) as well as adding musics and sounds effects.

You can be sure that a Linux version of Metagolf is also in the making. I just need a decent production machine to work with (mine still working with charcoal ;-) ).

No release date yet as my professional situation is a bit tedious at the moment. But my wish is non only to work at full-time on Metagolf but also on any future Indie Game projects I will be able to sustain thanks to you.