Metagolf 2.9 – Beta

November - 25 - 2011
A screenshot of Metagolf 2.9
Things are coming along nicely

To celebrate the new Metagolf Beta 2.9 version, I screencast two new videos to feature this progress.
The videos are available at the Media Page.

So, What’s new in this version ?

  • Water Caustic Effect performance improved by 300% !
  • Several visual speed improvements.
  • Destructible object.
  • Point of view object.
  • Light and atmosphere effects.
  • Reduce the memory footprint.
  • Weird netbook resolution support (like 1024x600).
  • Many built-in level editor improvements.
  • 10 new sound effects.
  • 4 new levels.
  • 3 new soundtracks.
  • A few bugs fix.

The “Meta engine” is faster than ever !
Supported Windows and MacOs X (Lion) version are stable.
While a Linux version is available and run correctly, this platform is not actively supported.

Many efforts has been made in order to support old configurations as well as slow system (netbook, laptop, etc.).

You finally can play golf at night, like those Australian folks at Coober Pedy :-)