February - 29 - 2012
Metagolf Public Beta 3.3

Finally !

Metagolf Beta 0.3.3 is available to you :)
Proceed to The Public Beta Page to download and try the current Demo version.

For a limited period of time you can buy a Full Registered License Key in a Pay What You Want model.

Payment is made through a secured Fast Spring shop, that’s why a minimum of 4$ is required. That minimum will rise with time and updates until we reach the final version.

So grab them fast :D

Technical Video about Meta-Engine.

To celebrate this first public release, I screencast a Technical video about Meta-Engine.
Meta-Engine is a custom Engine I created specially for Metagolf.

If long technical video is not your thing, I recommend you to skip to the conclusion to learn a bit more about my intention and why I need your help for the rest of this venture.

Get involved !

You are very welcome in our Community Forum, the best place to talk and share contents about Metagolf!

Follow me on Twitter @Metagolf or @Armitage1982 the best way to get more regular news.

Don’t forget that if you have any problems you can also email me here. I will try to fix things up as soon as humanly possible ;-) .

Finally I would like to thank people who spread the word but also you for trying my game.
Metagolf is actually my first title and through there is still a few things to improve here and there I hope you will enjoy every bits of it.