May - 16 - 2010
A Small screenshot of Metagolf 2.0b
My best project so far well deserved its own space.

It’s finally happening!
Metagolf reached the 0.2.0 Beta version :-)

To celebrate this, I take some times to deploy this little new website.
Nothing really fancy for the moment but I plan to add a few screenshots and videos of the latest version.

As always, here is a list of the best improvement since the last version :

  • Artificial Intelligence based on Finite State Machinery.
  • Birds, Fishes, Rabbits and Slug playing, eating or hunting the Golf Ball.
  • A new game mode called “Capture the Rabbit“.
  • Player can now dislodge the ball when this one is stuck in a corner thanks to the Down Key.
  • Vertical Synchronisation available.
  • The player is invincible for 3 seconds when he respawn.
  • You now have to click on the panel to read them (non–intrusive messages).
  • Maximum shoot option.
  • Debugging View is now directly available inside the Level Editor.
  • A few bugs fix.

The most interesting is yet to come since I need to revamp every level of the game with the complete set of objects (more than 36 currently).  A new simpler and more concise tutorial level will help you to quickly assimilate the rules of the game. I still need to smooth things over a bit before releasing a technically up to date video presentation.

Also, if you want to see Metagolf on Mac OS I still research people willing to test the beta on that platform.